Postdoctoral Fellows & Student Researchers

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Theresa Schoetz

Theresa Schoetz received her PhD in Electrochemistry from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom. She then joined the Centre for Electronics Frontiers (CEF) at the University of Southampton as a Postdoctoral Fellow and became the theme lead for Energy Technologies, starting her independent research on next-generation batteries beyond lithium-ion. Theresa received her Master of Science and Bachelor of Engineering in Electrochemistry and Chemical Engineering, respectively, in Germany. During her period of study, she completed an internship at the University of Salento in Italy and the Hokkaido University in Japan to research energy storage materials for aluminium batteries.

Her current research interests involve battery and capacitor materials and designs minimizing the trade-offs between performance, sustainability and safety for future energy storage technologies, including conductive polymers, ionic liquids and ionogels, nature-inspired and organic composite materials.

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Dr. Seungmin Oh

Seungmin Oh is a PhD candidate who is going to graduate this summer, 2020 in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. He earned a master degree in chemical engineering at University of Notre Dame. During his PhD and master’s studies, he has researched on the design and analysis of Ionic liquids (ILs) for electrochemical applications and CO2 capture applications. He has focused on not only the characterization of the local structures and the consequential transport properties of IL and IL based electrolytes, but also the surface chemistry between the electrode and the electrolyte using various spectroscopies.  

Ph.D. Students

Brendan Hawkins

Zeeshan Chaudhry

Harrison Asare

Jeff Xu

Loleth Robinson

Brian Chen

Michael Keating

Jonah Wang

Undergraduate Students

Yassine Gaye


Niya Hope-Glenn

Howard University

Zachary Monard


Christopher Ilkow


Blerina Sehitaj

Hostos Community College

Marian Albornoz

Hostos Community College

Amani Midgette

Howard University

Fatimata Boro


Rene Diaz-Roche


Celia Harris

Northeastern University

Isaac Rogers

Hostos Community College

Elijah Bernard

Queensborough Community College

Philippe Jean-Baptiste


Grace O'Dwyer

Northeastern University

Frankie Modell


Katalina Bustamante


Joe McManus


Daniel Salazar

Northeastern University


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