Faculty Laboratories

Electrochemical Materials & Devices Laboratory

Professor Messinger directs the Electrochemical Materials & Devices Laboratory devoted to the synthesis, fabrication, & testing of electrochemical materials and devices. The lab occupies a 790 square feet space & is equipped to support the syntheses & handling of air-sensitive electrochemical materials, the processing of materials into composite electrodes, the fabrication of batteries with different cell designs (e.g., Swagelok, coin, & pouch cells), and the electrochemical and optical characterization of materials and devices. Professor Messinger also oversees the solid-state NMR instrumentation at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center.

Green Chemistry & Energy Laboratory

Professor Biddinger leads the Green Chemistry & Energy Laboratory. The lab uses electrochemical engineering, electrocatalysis and novel electrolytes to address green chemistry and energy applications such as CO2 electroreduction, electrochemical conversion of biomass, use of ionic liquids as electrolytes in batteries, and battery safety. The lab, located on the third floor of Steinman Hall, is 1350 sq ft of space and equipped to be able to do materials synthesis, reactions, electrochemical experiments, materials characterization and product analyses. Experiments can be performed at ambient conditions or in controlled environments such as in the argon-filled glove box, or in temperature-controlled environmental chambers.

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