The NASA-CCNY Center for Advanced Batteries for Space (CABS) is a joint research & education center between The City College of New York, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Northeastern University, & regional colleges, established to create a highly collaborative research network in electrochemical energy storage & train a diverse STEM workforce through a multifaceted student internship program. The Center draws upon CCNY’s expertise in novel battery development and advanced characterization, minority student training, and management, JPL’s deep knowledge of batteries for planetary science missions & facilities to test devices under extreme conditions, & Northeastern University’s experience in complementary battery characterization methods. 

The Center’s research efforts seek to develope novel batteries composed of high-energy-density metal anodes & ionic liquid electrolytes designed to operate under the extreme temperatures & radiation encountered by spacecraft during planetary science missions.  Our objectives are to design & build novel battery prototypes aimed at meeting NASA’s mission-specific energy storage targets & expand the scope and ambition of future missions, produce new scientific understanding of metal-ionic liquid electrochemical systems and devices, including under extreme conditions, & enable JPL’s Electrochemical Technologies Group to investigate emerging battery chemistries, engineering concepts, and characterization methods that would not otherwise be explored.  

Our Work


We are a multi-disciplinary research center working to develop novel battery materials, chemistries & prototypes designed to operate under extreme conditions & significantly enhance the scope & ambition of NASA planetary science missions.


We have built a strong research and education program that provides our students, graduate & undergraduate alike, with unparalleled opportunities to research, work & grow in the field of electrochemical energy storage.


The center is dedicated to providing meaningful education & research opportunities for a talented & diverse student population. We believe that engaging students in research inspires them to choose careers in STEM fields. 


The City College of New York

Grove School of Engineering

Steinman Hall, Room Room 316

140th St & Convent Ave

New York, NY 10031


+1 (212) 650 8293